Project Himalaya – Body, Mind and Soul

Project Himalaya – the path of Siegfried Mayer, includes a fair carpet-project. Our retreat house is focused on …



solid training with high-quality planetary singing bowls and a humanitarian aid project for the poor children of Nepal.


Recently we created several interesting film documentaries in cooperation with the first Citizen-TV-channel FS1 in Salzburg and broadcast them.  You can have a look at our film projects here:


We also have a special travel project. Here we plan, organize and realize a unique and wonderful life-journey to majestic Himalaya. With the collaboration of the Heinrich Harrer museum in Hüttenberg (Carinthia) we act as consultant and coordinator in the footsteps of Heinrich Harrer and Peter Aufschnaiter.


From autumn 2014 there will be a Tibetan “Klangwolke” (Cloud of Sound) twice a year. Let yourself enchant with the sound of nearly 200 high-quality planetary singing bowls.


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